Feedback from our members

Thanks for organizing and coordinating the Sunflower and Lavender photography event last Friday. Beyond how much I appreciate you and the other photographers that associate with these events for the nice camaraderie and fun interactions about our shared serious hobby / avocation - I also appreciate that you go the extra step you take to make sure that we have UNIQUE and INTERESTING places to see. We’ll definitely be looking forward to our next shared event.

S.  Gross (Sunflowers and Lavender)

I had a wonderful time at this event. There was an abundance of subjects to photograph like wildflowers, birds, bees, butterflies, and more. I highly recommend this event. I also appreciate John Campbell's expertise in the location.

G.  Kraus (Nature Photography at Matthaei Botanical Gardens)

This was a very worthwhile workshop! The on-line session was great preparation for the field outing the following week. Tim is both knowledgeable and helpful, and the location was spot on for practicing this beautiful technique.--Linda Andress

L.  Andress (Long Exposure Basics)

A big thank you to Tim for all of his help. I learned a lot and also how much I don’t know. I look forward to future workshops.

J.  Turk (Long Exposure Basics)

This is a an essential workshop for those who are interested in learning about long exposure photography. The online session and hands-on application of this technique was a perfect combination to learn or enhance what you already know. Thanks Timothy of CVPW for hosting this event.

G.  Kraus (Long Exposure Basics)

I enjoyed the meeting...thank you for sending the screenshots! I ended up going to the Villa park this afternoon after hearing of it from you. That is pretty interesting! Thank you again for all the tips!

C.  Green (In Your Own Backyard - Interesting Local Photo ops)

Excellent webinar filled with great information on setting up your photograph based on its visual weight. Really enjoyed this class and plan to participate in future classes and events.

R.  Rich (Composition 1 - Visual Weight)

Another excellent session! Really appreciate you guys providing these training classes.

D.  Brown (Getting a wing up on bird photography)

I thoroughly enjoyed the above class instructed by Timothy Griffin and John Campbell last night. This morning, I already used one of the tips given in class to photograph a robin feeding her young. Good information was given on camera settings, where to locate birds and what to buy to help with bird photography. I am looking forward to the next class or outing with Creative Vision. Thanks again for another positive experience. Jan Armstrong

J.  Armstrong (Getting a wing up on bird photography)

The both of you did a fantastic presentation. I had been going to Kensington for the past 2 - 3 months so I am very familiar with the phenomenal "Bird" activities available. The class could have been twice as long given the amount of material presented. I would have liked to have had more time for questions. Again, great class!

P.  Sharkey (Getting a wing up on bird photography)

Last night I was able to listen in on this event and It was very informative and I was able to pick up some useful tips. I really appreciate the style and insight shared. Thanks for taking the the time. FYI another great bird resource app is ebird. It is free and is full of information. I look forward to future events.

G.  Metzler (Getting a wing up on bird photography)
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