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I started out as a an artist. As a little kid, Grandma Posio put a pencil in my hand as soon as I could hold one. My natural talent was nurtured my whole life. From having to spend countless hours in the car traveling from "down state" to Up North to my own in home studio, I have always had my hands in something creative.

So, it's just kind of natural that eventually it would lead to photography. Seems like I've always just kind of had a camera.
In the 90s I was obsessed with my 24mm, black & white film, and travel. I made a lot of great images but never really learned the technical side of it. For whatever reason, the camera ended up on the shelf.
Yet, I seemed to always have some sort of a camera. I caught the travel bug. I came home with massive amounts of photos. "Fancy snapshots" is what I called them.

Eventually, it was time, time to learn how to use this expensive little machine in my hand. So I took classes. And I loved it. I have a whole new appreciation for photography now. I can't wait to travel, even if it's to the park down the street, to capture whatever I can!

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