Timothy Griffin

Using both my creativity and knowledge of technology to make great photographs.

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Photography has been apart of my life since I was around 12 years old. My father let me use a 126 Brownie box camera and I was off from there.

While studying business and computer technologies at Macomb Community College and Wayne State University, I discovered digital photography. This led me to continue to explore this new method of photography. I think I understand how past photographers must have felt when they were given their first roll of film instead of a stack of film plates.

Over the years I have always had a camera and took pictures everywhere I went. Recording the places I visited and things I did. As my children grew up I continued to photograph them in their many activities.

Today my favorite subjects are my grandchildren. There is nothing more fun than chasing a toddler with a camera. Creating photographs for others has always brought great joy to me. Having fun and helping people step out of their shell in front of the lens has and will always bring a smile to my heart.

My mission as a photographer is to use my skills and abilities to capture my subject in a setting and manner that will show the person in a natural state. As an instructor , I have been able to pass on my passion of using both my creativity and knowledge of technology to make great photographs.

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