Effective January 1, 2023

Creative Vision Photography Workshops LLC will be closing down all operations. For more information, read below.

833 Registered Users
250 Total Events Held
1813 Total Registrations

In 2015, John Campbell, Timothy Griffin and David Haupt formed Creative Vision Photography Workshops (CVPW) based on the mission of providing top-notch photography events and education. We also wanted photography to be fun again. In addition, CVPW would be community focused in that we would hold events that would provide 100% of income to a charity or other non-profit. We succeeded in that in resulting of thousands of dollars being donated over the last seven years. For that, we're proud.

For the first year of our existence, all of our events were free to the photography community. Getting everyone to know us and what we stood for was important. We continued operations with fee-based events, and yes many free ones mixed in there, and were holding our own until COVID-19 hit. Basically, our entire business model was shut down.

COVID-19 was a hardship for many of us as individuals and not just for small businesses. The team met and we decided to offer free online classes during the worse time of this pandemic. It was a distraction for you and honestly cathartic for us. It kept us connected with the members who have supported us in the past. However, when the pandemic started winding down, the community changed. Part of this change was fear of the virus, other fears include higher costs in living. Members no longer have discretionary income for events or would rather spend it elsewhere. We understand that.

The last couple years member participation continued to decline to the point now where we can no longer operate. Insurance cost, web costs, bulk email cost, and general overhead exceed any profit we make. We knew going into this year it would be a challenge, so none of this is a surprise to us. We are just sadden we could not offer what the community wanted.

In close, it has been a blast. We have met many new friends, business partners, and others through these years. For that it was worth it!

Our business emails will remain active for till probably mid-2023 as to close up any loose ends. You may reach us at;

  • t12griffin@gmail.com
  • david.haupt@vonhauptPhoto.com
  • plancks@hotmail.com